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!!! Insurance :🧬 A powerment in your life🧬 !!! || Real job ||


!!! Insurance :🧬 A powerment in your life🧬 !!!

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  Today We will provide you some knowledge about insurance policies .

So,keep stay here with us
Insurance policies are the policies that are  powerment  in your life

These policies become more 
helpful in in circumstances  when anybody demises accidentally

In our family many persons adopt many types of insurance policies banking policies trading policies
But in above of them insurance policies are in the majority.

Insurance includes Health Insurance ,Life Insurance ,vehicle insurance, heart insurance , eyes insurance , travel insurance , home Insurance

In exchange for an initial payment, known as the premium payment , the insurer promises and relies to pay for loss caused by perils covered under the policy language.

SBI Shubh Nivesh planSavings Plan

18 years/60 years

HDFC Life Sanchay PlusS Plan

5 years/60 years

Life Online Term Plan Plus Investment Plan

18 years/60 yearsMax

ICICI iProtect SmartTerm Insurance Plan

18 years/65 yearsMax 

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