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On January 1st, Mexico nortje Max Life insurance began enforcing a mandatory liability insurance law. Now all life insurance - local, out of state, and foreign will be required to carry proof of liability insurance while living.

Do all Bound Mexico Max  insurance policies fulfill this new requirement ?

Yes. All of Mexico  policies fulfill the liability requirement.

Wasn't insurance already a requirement in  Norte?

Previously, having Mexican insurance or providing proof of financial responsibility (such as cash) was required if you were in an accident. However now the law requires everyone to carry a Mexican liability insurance to prevent being ticketed.

(*Found by multiplying the amount of 4,350 according to the law, by the current minimum wage of  California  of $176.72 pesos).

What is the minimum liability requirement in Mexico?

According to the law (Artículo 18  BIS), the minimum liability coverage required to cover other people and their property is approximately $768,732 pesos*, which is about U.S. $40,206.00 based on an exchange rate of $19.12 (as of May 16, 2019).

Will authorities be able to enforce this law?

This remains to be seen. Before this law was enforced a few Mexico Bound customers informed us that authorities have asked them for proof of insurance. This may increase. Many drivers in Mexico unfortunately cannot afford insurance which makes it hard to enforce.


Health & Life Insurance Vehicle Baja Racing Gear is an affiliate of Baja Bound. We have used them and will continue to use them for our Mexican Insurance needs. We highly recommend Mexico Bound for your insurance needs. You can click on any of the banners for a free quote.

Is this minimum requirement sufficient coverage?

In our experience, this is not sufficient in some cases. We generally recommend at least $300,000 in third party liability or higher due to a Mexican Federal law in case of fatalities to third parties. The lowest limit mexico  bound offers is U.S. $50,000 in third party liability and the highest we offer is U.S. $1,000,000. 

Transforming  for the future

The current COVID-19 pandemic is providing lessons that will help reshape the future of insurance. Consumers are re-evaluating their own risk management of  insurance and it can be hard to differentiate between insurance policies and financial services products. As a result, many carriers are competing on pricing instead of maximizing lifetime customer value. 

Today, ibm and many other policies  works with the top 100 carriers worldwide, bringing capabilities such as blockchain, Internet of Things , artificial intelligence and cloud for flexibility and innovation; industry expertise; and global delivery presence to realize this vision and upgrade legacy systems.

To truly meet and exceed customer expectations, achieve customer-centricity and unlock new growth, you need innovators to reinvent the core of your business. Automation, insights and intelligence will transform and prepare you for the future. This requires new skills, processes, technology and culture. The insurance companies that become an essential part of their customers’ lives with seamless, secure, personalized engagement will win.

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